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Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN, United States
30+ days ago
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, Tennessee, United States
30+ days ago


The Senior Grant Manager is part of the Electrical Computer Engineering work unit and the Computer Science work unit within the School of Engineering (VUSE) at Vanderbilt University. The position is to have knowledge and understanding of pre and post-award grants management to serve the work unit.

The position requires exercise of independent judgment, initiative, and the ability to make decisions relative to the department’s operations as well as other tasks assigned. The position will function with a high degree of understanding of University life, policies, and procedures.

Duties and Responsibilities

Assist faculty in preparing and assembling grants proposals/contracts in compliance with sponsor, University, and federal guidelines and deadlines

  • Assist PI in determining requirements, deadlines and time management for responses to Funding opportunities or general application submissions in a proactive manner. Coordinate multiple applications under absolute deadlines
  • Work in a collaborative manner with the Principal Investigator, other department and institutions, and Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA), throughout the application process to achieve a professional document for submission
  • Assemble original application prior to submission

Interact with other departments and agencies to facilitate the development, submission, and administration of grant proposals

  • Responsible for tracking and receiving back confirmation of submitted application from Grants & Contracts
  • Provide outside departments with biosketches, other support and ancillary data as requested

Independently manage budget responsibilities for grants

  • Works in conjunction with Senior Director of VUSE Grants & Contracts on new, competing or revised grant applications in preparing initial and extended budgets, including Indirect cost calculation
  • Reviews budget details with Principal Investigator (PI), including: personnel, effort allocated and overall expenses, ensuring consistency and compliance
  • Prepares meaningful unobligated balance and effort matrix reports to PI’s on at least every other month cadence
  • Ensures that the assigned contract/grants are not in deficit
  • Ensures that Project Portfolio Management (PPM) unprocessed salaries (aka suspense) is kept at $0 or a minimal level
  • Ensures that retroactive changes do not exceed 90 days from original charge
  • Prepares and submit budgets to Senior Director of VUSE Grants & Contracts and the Office of Contract and Grant Accounting (OCGA)
  • Prepares progress reports to the PI detailing personnel, effort allocation and overall expenses ensuring consistent communication as to the status of all projects on at least every other month cadence

Monitor terms and agreements of grant awards for compliance

  • Assist PI with all periodic reporting requirements as detailed in awards
  • Monthly review of all active protocols ensuring all are current with institutional offices

Serve as a resource for the assigned PI portfolio

  • Forwards potential funding opportunities to PIs/staff whether specific to a PI’s research or general for all PIs
  • Keeps abreast of new/updated agency policies, procedures, deadlines and timeframes of new initiatives by working closely with Dean’s Office, SPA, and OCGA
  • Attends all trainings offered by SPA and OCGA as well as reading online/published materials (i.e.: SPA/OCGA Users group meeting, NCURA newsletter, NIH and NSF hosted training webinars and online updates)
  • Attends monthly VUSE Grant Managers meetings and professional development opportunities.
  • Actively participates in at least one VUSE Grant Managers working group
  • Attends all School level meetings
  • Keeps Senior Director of VUSE Grants & Contracts and PIs informed of any material changes

Works closely with the assigned Financial Unit Manager (FUM) for the work unit

  • Meets with the FUM regularly to ensure there is proper financial stewardship of the assigned PI portfolio ensuring that all transactions are recorded accurately and in compliance with applicable university and departmental policies 
  • Provides contract/grant specific guidance to the FUM
  • Maintains an extensive understanding of the institution’s chart of accounts and departmental use of optional segments and PPM POET structure

Works closely with the Human Capital Manager (HCM) assigned to the department and Deans Office for HR-related matters

  • All costing to be completed by the Work Unit in time for the final HR Deadlines
  • All costing to be audited by the Work Unit prior to final deadline
  • Retro costing corrections to be completed by Work Unit prior to final deadline
  • Reports to be ran on a consistent basis (Bi-weekly/Monthly) for auditing purposes
  • Provide costing information in a timely manner that meets the final HR Deadlines

Annual Space Survey

  • Reviews assigned spaces and functionalizes the rooms appropriately
  • This can include interviews with the PI or other research team members in the space


  • Bachelor’s degree – preference in finance, accounting, or business is necessary
  • Three years’ experience is preferred
  • Completed SkyVU FUM training is preferred
  • Completed SkyVU Procurement training is preferred
  • Strong administrative support skills
  • Familiarization with grant and contract processes
  • Familiarization with chart of accounts for expense items, allowable and unallowable costs
  • Proficient in Microsoft, especially Excel

Job Information

  • Job ID: 59207474
  • Location:
    Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  • Position Title: Senior Grants Manager, Electrical Computer Engineering/Computer Science
  • Company Name: Vanderbilt University
  • Job Function: Contracting and Sponsored Research
  • Job Type: Full-Time
  • Job Duration: Indefinite
  • Min Education: BA/BS/Undergraduate
  • Min Experience: 2-3 Years
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